Greyhound Systems – Why you Really Shouldn’t Bet Without One

Greyhound Systems aren’t very popular as a result of the fact that many punters don’t know they exist. Greyhound Racing in Australia is still very popular. It allows people to place bets on who will win, run a race or which dogs will take 1st and 2nd. Even better, you don’t have to travel to your local track or betting agent to place your bets. You can now do it from your home via the internet. Greyhound Racing is much easier to wager on than horse racing, as there are only 8 starters in Australian racing at any given time. Greyhound racing is easier to bet on than horse racing, but people have lost a lot of money over the years.

It is quite possible to lose more money than you make if there is no money management system.

These are the things I look for when placing a bet on greyhounds. The greyhound’s 4 most recent runs should be checked. This will give you an indication of the greyhound’s winning potential. You can check the track betting markets and the prepost betting Judi Bola markets to see the current prices. Find out who the punters favor to win the race. Avoid Maiden races. These greyhounds are not yet winners and are often unpredictable. To find out how many races each greyhound has won in the past, check Win and Place strike rate.

Be confident about your choice. If you feel there are two or three other greyhounds who could easily beat your greyhound, then skip that race and go on to the next. Also, you should not bet on every race on the card. This is a sure way to lose your money quickly. You shouldn’t always bet on the favourite or second favourite, even if it is popular. However, you should ask yourself why a greyhound is so long at the odds. For example, has it ever run this distance? Is it in winning form? How does it perform at this track. Some greyhounds are unable to perform at a track and do not show any improvement when they move on. Greyhound racing is a common example of this.