When should you double down in blackjack?

Blackjack is still one of the world’s most popular casino games, and that is certainly true for online casino fans. There is something about its mix of glamour, excitement, and strategy that catches the attention. Easy to understand; it is one of the classic casino games you can enjoy that gives players a more significant edge. There are a few different pieces of the terminology you will come across when playing blackjack – doubling downis one. But what exactly does it mean and when should you do it?

What is doubling down?

When you start to play blackjack, there are certain things you need to get in order. New Jersey players find the best NJ gambling app,and for others around the US that want to play, reading up on blackjack rules andunderstanding the basics covered is vital. Doing so will help you win more often, also to have fun while you play.

It is also wise to read up on basic blackjack strategies you could use, and this is where doubling down comes in. Before you can use it, though, you need to know what it involves. Choosing to double down simply means that you can double your bet while playing a hand to get one more card. Doubling down can pay off, but it can also prove risky if not used at the correct time.

When should you double down in blackjack?

As noted above, choosing the perfect time to double down is essential. But when is it? The first scenario to think about doing it is when you have a hard 9 (i.e., no Ace in your original hand), but the dealer has a card below 7 (not including an Ace). You could also think about it if you have a soft 16 to 18 (i.e., an Ace plus 5, 6, or 7) in your original hand while the dealer card is anything from a 2 to a 6.

Many players also double down if they get dealt a Hard 10 or 11 against a lower dealer card. Some casino sites will also dictate that the dealer has to Hit when on Soft 17. If you have 11 in your hand to begin with, you should always double down at a casino with this rule, regardless of what the dealer’s upcardhappens to be.

All these situations put you in the driving seat and make it more likely you will get a higher hand to win, after taking an additional card to use. They also make it impossible to go bust due to the cards you already have, which is always comforting!

Double Down can work very well

From tips on how to playin an online poker tournamentto what works in roulette, getting up to speed when playing internet casino games is essential. That is undoubtedlytrue in blackjack, where a strategy like doubling down can work well – but only if used correctly. Too often, you see timid players afraid to take advantage of it or confident players using it when it is not on. If you instead wait for hands such as those shown above to come along, you may be pleasantly surprised at how effective doubling down in blackjack can be at increasing your winnings.