Online roulette: The Start of a New Popularity

Online roulette: The Start of a New Popularity

When it comes to roulette, there are always discussions about how much the casino’s advantage exactly is and how the house ensures that there is no way a player can make a profit in the long run. The negative expected value here is 2.7 percent, so all casinos that offer the game have this advantage. That means it will never appear on a list of the most profitable casino games and wagers.

Here it is been taken a look at what exactly the house edge means for players. You also consider the theoretical statement of that the house edge cannot be beaten and discuss the effects that this has on your game in practice.

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The concept of the house edge

The most important point about house edge, or expected value (the same term for this factor), is that a casino needs to make money to stay in business. Because of this, every game has certain rules that give the casino an edge so that it can make a profit.

In theory, the benefit is the money the casino keeps while the rest is returned to players in the form of winnings. In other words, the casino pays players back their bets minus a small percentage. This percentage happens to berecognised as the house edge.

The so-called mathematical approach, which has already been discussed in detail above, also does not contain a strategy with which players may be active. This means that you can choose a number at random or place your bets based on a strategy. If you look at things like the Martingale system mathematically, it is a lot of work, so such strategies are often simply ignored.

Conversely, this means that some people blindly trust the expected values without realizing that they can deviate significantly from the theoretical values. However, these people often also follow the rule that each spin of the wheel is an independent event. This means that no specific numbers are due and that extreme deviations from the average after thousands of spins are quite normal.